E-cargo Delivery

Urbeez stands for a new concept, a new way to get goods and parcels to the end customer efficiently and ecologically. Our well-designed e-cargo bikes and other electric vehicles are practical, eye-catching, fast and have a maximum load capacity, which allows us to guarantee a unique and high quality service.

As a specialist in urban delivery in Brussels and its 19 municipalities, we offer our services to all retail companies. Our logistics spaces located in the heart of the city are real relay points, which enable us to deliver any volume of packages at any time and without access restrictions.

Urbeez is a new take on transport in fast-growing cities which have more and more requirements and regulations to keep traffic out. Urbeez stands for highly efficient, fast and ecological deliveries in cities.

Read more about our e-cargo delivery service and what we can do for you via www.urbeez.bike