Last Mile Delivery

In addition to the classic B2B delivery, we also offer our Last Mile Delivery. The last mile, where delivery, speed and service are critical to the customer experience. That’s where the “know how” and experience of VPD comes in, because to VPD, every delivery matters. From the store to the web; the way your customers shop is quickly changing and as a result your shipping needs are changing too.

VPD handles your residential shipments, straight from your business to your customers doorstep. We make sure that the delivery of a product will be valued by your customer as an experience where he or she is the number one priority. We will determine more efficient routes, anticipate product demand and predict delivery arrival in “real time”. Trucks, delivery teams and local management are dedicated to your business.

From the first mile to the last mile and every mile in between, VPD has you covered; all with the simplicity of one contact, one invoice and zero worries! We have the suitable solution for every delivery.

One-man delivery

Our one-man delivery concepts comprise the transport of your goods and 24-hour distribution by our staff. In addition to this, we offer a pleasant customer journey in which the end customer determines when his or her package will be delivered, in two-hour blocks. We guarantee fast, accurate and correct delivery that can be accurately traced via our track & trace system.

Two-man delivery

Need to have large, heavy goods you have just sold in your store or via your web shop delivered?

Under our two-man delivery (two-man deliveries) concept, our employees will deliver your goods and bring them to the customer. Even deliveries to upper floors pose no problems. On the contrary, we see to them with a smile.

Extra service

Here, VPD goes even further than the regular 2-Men distribution and we provide extra services such as: installation, assembly, building in electro, connecting electro, weekend service, Saturday deliveries, VIP service, etc ... Even deliveries to upper floors pose no problems. On the contrary, we see to them with a smile.

Depending on the delivery conditions of the shop where you make your purchase, we offer additional services.