First in last mile delivery

Our slogan is "First in last mile delivery", which is why at VPD, we focus on speed, efficiency, precision, sustainability and excellent service. These are some key elements that are critical to the customer experience.

VPD handles shipments directly from your company to your customers. We provide a customer experience that lets your clients know that they are important. We create efficient routes, anticipate fluctuating volumes and predict delivery in real time. Our delivery teams, support services and management are dedicated to your business.

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One man delivery

One man delivery

With the one-man service, our employees deliver your products to the door of the end customer within a period of 24 hours. We provide an excellent customer journey, in which the end customer decides when his or her order can be delivered within two-hour blocks. We guarantee a fast, precise and correct delivery which can be followed live via our Track & Trace system.

Two-man delivery

Two-man delivery

Need a delivery for large, heavy goods sold in your store or via your webshop?
With our two-man delivery service, we deliver products to the end customer’s desired space. We also carry out floor deliveries with a smile.

Extra service

Extra service

VPD goes one step further than two-man deliveries. We offer additional services such as: installation, assembly, fitting and connection of electrical equipment, returns, taking away packaging material, etc. We have a suitable solution for every delivery.



What is Last mile delivery and what makes it essential today?

Last Mile Delivery is the last part of a delivery process, where the goods reach the end user and their final destination. These last kilometers are crucial, and a determining factor for customer satisfaction with their order.

Challenges in last mile delivery may include a large spread of many final destinations. VPD makes maximum use of a growing network of hubs located at various boundaries of city centers. It is also the best way to offer a sustainable solution and deploy electric vehicles from there. Sustainable city logistics will become increasingly important, which is why we will continue to invest in it.

In combination with a high response speed, the optimal functioning of track & trace improves customer experience and ensures an excellent shopping experience. A satisfied customer is a returning customer, and the delivery of goods is becoming increasingly important in the customer journey. 

At VPD, thanks to our experience, we can respond perfectly to changes within last mile delivery.


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