Storage for all your goods

It goes without saying that you want your goods to be stored under the best possible circumstances, with proper security and perfectly protected against all possible risks. For this purpose, VPD takes care of this together with the most experienced and professional warehouse staff.

The majority of our transhipment services takes place via cross-docking, which is an enormous advantage for our customers. Goods enter our warehouses during all hours of the day or night, where they are immediately sorted and prepared for shipment. 

The highly developed logistics service of VPD not only provides support for our transport services, but also offers all sorts of advantages to you as our customers:

  • 12,000 m2 warehousing space with loading platforms in 1731 Zellik
  • 10,000 m2 warehousing space with loading platforms in1480 Tubize
  • 10,000 m2 warehousing space with loading platforms in 1502 Lembeek
  • 1,000 m2 conditioned storage
  • transshipment zones
  • customs warehouse
  • order picking
  • goods handling by trained, experienced employees
  • goods handling with specific, modern equipment
  • all types of forklifts and grab trucks
  • racking or ‘block stocking’

Integral stock control:

  • storage of your goods in our own warehouses
  • delivery from our warehouses directly to your customer
  • collections directly from your suppliers