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  • A wide range of transport options: From a central warehouse to a store or directly to the end customer? VPD handles transportation for businesses (B2B) and individual customers (B2C).
  • Flexibility: Your customer is our priority. This is why we adapt our services to your customers' preferences from the beginning of our collaboration, and we evolve based on each change.
  • Single point of contact: At VPD, you have a dedicated contact person who ensures customer satisfaction based on predefined KPIs such as NPS (Net Promoter Score), delivery punctuality, etc.
  • Track-and-trace with feedback: Step-by-step, you can track actions which are already completed. This way, we also keep the end customer constantly informed.
  • Sustainability: VPD is committed to sustainable development. Our network of warehouses throughout Belgium acts as a catalyst to maximise the use of our electric vehicles in the last mile of delivery.
  • Cost savings: By avoiding investment in transportation means and paying upon delivery, you achieve significant savings.
  • Storage: VPD can also store your goods, ensuring optimal monitoring and protection.
  • Sorting: We receive products in our warehouses day and night. They are sorted and prepared immediately for shipment.
  • Drivers and installers with technical skills: At VPD, all our drivers, installers, or assemblers receive training provided by experienced colleagues at the VPD Academy.
  • Return flow: A flexible exchange and return policy is a powerful business asset. That's why VPD collects returned products (or exchanges them) and labels the returned items in our hub before sending them back to you.
  • Collection: During delivery (with or without installation), we also collect the old product.

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Crystal clear delivery


Our TMS platform allows you to find all the information about the delivery of your goods, with or without installation, in one place. You can enter your orders directly and schedule them, calculate the most optimal routes, and track the delivery and/or final installation in real time. That way, you are always informed of the delivery date of your items.


Your customers can also see when the ordered goods will be delivered to their home or a nearby store for pickup. Your customers are continuously informed by email and SMS, with a tracking code that allows them to see and decide the day and time slot for delivery and/or installation of their new electrical appliance. This way, your customers know what to expect and when to stay at home, and you have greater certainty that the goods will be delivered on time.

Sustainable transportation

Eco-friendly transportation


As the demand for freight transportation continues to increase, the transport sector is subject to increasingly strict environmental standards. As an innovator in the field, VPD attaches great importance to sustainable mobility.



We are investing in a growing network of strategically located hubs. Depending on your customer's address, we first route the goods to the nearest hub and then carry out last mile delivery from there. This allows us to maximise the use of electric vehicles. Our hubs are currently located in Zellik, Liège, Luxembourg, Ghent, Antwerp, and Ostend.

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NPS Score +70 awarded by our satisfied customers

Thanks to all these efforts, VPD boasts an excellent NPS score of +70. This Net Promoter Score is a practical indicator of customer satisfaction. Knowing that an NPS score of +50 is exceptional, our entire team is naturally very proud of our +70 score!

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"The speed of delivery combined with the additional services offered by VPD during delivery immediately impressed us. The driver is our business card with our customers, so it is essential that the delivery goes perfectly according to their wishes." - Menno Kempers, project manager at Leylines

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More than just delivery


At VPD, we not only take care of the transportation of your goods, we also have warehouses distributed throughout Belgium, totaling a total area of 40,000 m², guaranteeing secure storage. We store your goods in optimal conditions not only just before delivery to your customers, but also for longer periods, ensuring they are monitored and perfectly protected against any possible risks.

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