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With a consumer market that is constantly evolving, influenced in part by webshops, shopping behavior is changing. It seems logical that you're looking for a bicycle transport provider offering assembly that offers flexible solutions based on your customers' new shipping needs:

  • wide range of transport options: from a central depot to a store or directly to an end customer? VPD arranges it as a transporter for B2B and B2C;
  • return flow: a flexible exchange and return policy is a powerful commercial asset. That's why VPD picks up returned bicycles (or exchanges them), labels the returned bike in our hub, and sends everything back to you;
  • flexibility: your customer is also our king. That's why, at the start of the partnership, we tailor our services to your customers' needs and evolve with each change;
  • central point of contact: at VPD, you have one point of contact who oversees the satisfaction of your customers based on predefined KPIs such as NPS, on-time delivery, etc...
  • track & trace with feedback: you can follow step by step which actions have already been completed. We also keep the end customer constantly informed in the same way;
  • sustainability: VPD focuses on sustainability. Our network of hubs spread throughout Belgium acts as a catalyst to maximize the use of our electric vehicles for last mile deliveries;
  • cost savings: by not having to invest in transportation equipment yourself and paying per delivery, you save a lot on your costs;
  • storage: VPD can also store, monitor, and perfectly shield your goods;
  • sorting: we receive products in our storage facilities during day and night. This is where they are immediately sorted and prepared for shipment;
  • drivers and assemblers with technical knowledge: at VPD, all drivers and technicians receive training from experienced colleagues at the VPD Academy. On the program, among other things, are the assembly of bicycles, safety, and operational flows.


In addition to delivering your bicycles, our skilled drivers and mechanics can also assemble them. We offer all services such as the assembly of the saddle, pedals, handlebars, battery, as well as a test ride to the end customer. With the help of our drivers and mechanics, everything is ready to use immediately, and your customers can enjoy their new bicycles straight away.


At VPD, we not only handle the transportation of your bicycles. With our warehouses spread throughout Belgium and a total surface area of 40,000 m², you are also assured of secure storage. Not only shortly before the delivery to your customers, but also for longer periods, we store your bicycles in the best possible conditions, monitored and perfectly shielded against all possible risks.

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Service for a unique customer experience? Check!

The delivery and assembly of bicycles have a significant impact on a customer's buying experience. At VPD, in addition to transport, we make it our job to check all the boxes for excellent customer service:

  customized transport for your customer;

  fast and punctual delivery (98% of our transports arrive within the indicated time window!);

  mechanics with technical knowledge for bicycle assembly;

  single point of contact for the customer, retailer, or manufacturer;

  the TMS platform provides an overview for all parties;

  innovative and sustainable approach (thanks to a wide network of hubs and electric vehicles);

VPD was elected 'Transporter of the Year' in 2022, so when working with us, you know that your bicycle transport and assembly is in good hands!

Sustainable logistics

Sustainable logistics VPD


While the demand for goods transport continues to increase, the transport sector is subject to increasingly stringent environmental standards. As an innovator in the field, VPD attaches great importance to sustainable mobility.



This is why we are investing in a growing network of strategically located hubs. Depending on your customer's address, we first bring the bicycle to the nearest hub, before deploying the last mile delivery from there. This is a catalyst for maximising the use of electric vehicles. Currently, you can find our hubs in Zellik, Liège, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Ghent, Antwerp and Ostend.

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Keep control of costs

As a bicycle retailer or manufacturer, collaborating with VPD as your logistics partner makes life easier for you and also saves you a lot of costs.

Maximize your profit with many benefits:

  you don't have to invest in expensive transportation means;

  you pay per delivery, and you won't have to face hidden costs;

  you can track each delivery in real-time via the TMS platform;

  you can rely on a single point of contact for each transport, for you and your end customer. So, you don't have to answer questions about transport, and you save time and personnel costs.

Crystal-clear delivery

Real-time traceability in our TMS system

On our TMS platform, you can find everything about delivery, with or without assembly. Here you can enter your orders directly so that they are scheduled, the most optimal routes are calculated, and the final delivery and/or assembly can be tracked in real-time. This way, you are aware of when your items will be delivered, and you can continue to sell the latest bicycles worry-free.


Your customers can also see when their ordered bicycle will be delivered to their home or to a store nearby for them to pick up themselves. Your customers are continuously informed via email and SMS, with a track & trace code that allows them to see and determine on which day and in which time frame their new bicycle will be delivered and, if necessary, assembled. This way, your customer knows what to expect and when they should stay home, and you have more assurance that the delivery will be carried out on time.


A +70 NPS Score granted by delighted customers

Thanks to our many efforts, VPD is extremely proud to have achieved an excellent NPS score of +70. This key metric is a practical manner to evaluate our customer satisfaction. And considering a +50 NPS Score is already exceptional, our teams can really be proud to have reached this fantastic score of +70! 

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