VPD Transport & Logistics

With a fleet of proprietary lorries and efficient, round-the-clock service, VPD attends to more than 600 shipments and collections per day. Experience of long standing, seasoned employees and good value for money make VPD your best choice when it comes to transport and logistics.

VPD sees to your shipments and collections daily throughout all of Belgium and Luxembourg, thanks to efficient round-the-clock service.


Experience of long standing has endowed VPD with the necessary knowledge, means and resources for flawless, professional transport of your goods.


VPD is specialized in 2-Man Delivery. Two VPD employees transport your goods and bring them to your customer.


VPD has a strongly developed logistical service: Useful for us, and an important winning asset for you!


Warehousing facilities and offices to let.


VPD spares no effort to limit the CO2 emissions of its logistics activity. Our fleet consists only of lorries that meet the EURO6 emission standard.

Customers testify


  • A fleet of more than 40 distribution vehicles
  • 2 distribution centres located at strategic junctions
  • Loading capacities of up to 10 tonnes
  • Optimal accessibility of the vehicles: mobile telephone and onboard computers with real time track & trace
  • Experienced and trained drivers
  • Smooth accessibility of our distribution employees
  • Tracking and tracing of your shipments via the Internet