Frequently Asked Questions - Private Customers

Make your appointment through the link provided in our SMS or email. If you click on the link in the message, you can book your appointment online.

Yes, you can track your order in real time via the link you received by SMS and e-mail. As soon as our driver has started his route, you can follow him live.


The evening before delivery, you'll receive a text specifying a two-hour window for delivery.

On the day of delivery, you will receive another message from us with a link to our track-and-trace page. As soon as our driver has started their route, you can follow your order live there. We will also send you a pin code to confirm receipt of the goods to our driver.


We deliver Monday to Saturday between 07:00 hours and 20:00 hours. We do not deliver on Sundays and public holidays.

At VPD, we specialize in the transport (and installation) of large and bulky products. We do not deliver parcels.

Yes. Depending on the size or weight of your order and the accessibility of your home, we deliver using the stairs, indoor or outdoor lift. Restrictions may therefore apply. With stairs, it is important that we have the necessary space to turn around with your order. We only deliver American refrigerators on the ground floor, and we do not go over more than 3 steps to get this type of refrigerator into your home.

It can be delivered by a regular delivery van or by a truck (with a tail lift). If possible, we use electric vehicles.

Our driver will call you 30 minutes before arrival to ensure you're informed. Even if nobody answers, he will come to your address. If nobody is at home, we will contact you to make a new delivery appointment. If you have placed an order with Ikea, you will have to contact the Ikea customer service department yourself.

Please note that you can also have someone else receive your order as long as this person has the PIN code, we sent you via SMS and e-mail.

Your order remains in our safe hands. We will contact you to make a new delivery appointment. You can also contact our customer service department yourself on 02 391 41 90. If you have placed an order with Ikea, you need to contact Ikea customer service.


No. We never leave your order unattended.


No. We will never deliver your order to the neighbours ourselves. Moreover, a delivery must be confirmed with the personal pin code you received from us.

Yes, you can. When making your appointment, you choose the address where you want your order delivered. Just make sure this person has the personal pin code to receive your product.

Please contact the seller of your product.

Please contact our customer service department at or 02 391 41 90.


We can only guarantee successful delivery and/or installation if we can park our delivery van or truck in the immediate vicinity. It is best to provide a free space of 15 metres, which is the equivalent of three parking spaces. Keep in mind that you may have to apply for the necessary permits yourself at your city or municipality. If you also need an outdoor lift, we ask that you provide 25 metres of free parking space.



Please inform the seller of your product at the time of purchase.

If you need an outdoor lift you need to notify the seller at the time of purchase. When we receive this information, we will make arrangements with the lift service ourselves.

You need to contact the seller of your product.

For all complaints regarding your order, please contact the seller of your product.

Shipping times often depends on the seller's stock or production. To find out how long before your order ships, please contact them.


You need to contact the seller of your product.

If you have opted for the installation of your product, we will take the packaging material with us.

When we deliver a new electrical appliance, we take the old appliance back with us free of charge. Please note that it must be a similar appliance. For example, if you have ordered a new refrigerator, you can give us the worn-out one.

The old appliance needs to be clean, dry, empty and placed in the room where we will deliver the new appliance, or you can leave it at the front door. It is best to fix cables and plugs with adhesive tape.

Yes, please make the necessary arrangements with the retailer. Keep in mind that the place where your appliance needs to be installed must be easily accessible. Moreover, utilities connections must be present and compliant.

Our installation teams do not carry out any carpentry work. However, they will drill holes if necessary.


Our installation teams do not carry out plumbing work.

Our installation teams can connect your appliance to existing and compliant network connections.



No. All costs associated with the delivery, installation and/or return of an appliance are already settled at the time of purchase.

Customer satisfaction is invaluable to us. As a transport company, we like to hear what is going well or what could be improved. We use your feedback to work with internally.

Frequently Asked Questions - Business Customers

B2C shipments is the collective term for deliveries to private customers.

With B2B shipments, we deliver from the manufacturer to shops or professional end customers. Depending on your needs and wishes, we can stock the goods on our premises or ship them via cross-docking, where we sort and ship them to the recipient immediately after unloading.

Our focus is mainly on Belgium. Occasionally, we also provide transport to the Netherlands or Luxembourg.

At VPD we specialize in large and bulky goods. We do not transport small parcels or packages.

A Home Delivery is a delivery to the front door, or to the room of choice of the end customer. It can then be coupled with additional services such as assembly, installation, returns,...

Absolutely. We deliver your goods to upper floor using stairs, indoor lift or external lift.


At VPD we assemble furniture such as chairs and tables, install appliances feet, etc. We do not carry out larger assemblies such as installing entire kitchens.


At VPD we focus strongly on customer satisfaction. We keep track of our Net Promoter Score (NPS) and actively use it to improve our operations. We also closely monitor our delivery precision using our detailed software.


Yes. We have several warehouses where we can store and manage your goods.


No, we do not offer these types of transport.


Contact us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


We do not work with predetermined limits and always try to provide an answer to your shipping needs. Feel free to contact us at so we can address your needs together.

Yes. You can track your order in real time via the link we send you. As soon as our driver has started their journey, you can track the delivery and delivery time live.



Most certainly. Not only does the customer have to enter a PIN code to receive the goods, but our driver also takes photos of the delivered goods. You can follow up these delivery notes in real time in our software.


This is certainly possible. Feel free to contact us at and we can address your needs together.


This depends entirely on your wishes and needs. At VPD, we specialise in next-day delivery, but in some cases same day delivery is also possible. Feel free to contact us at and we can address your needs together.

We deliver to the front door, beyond the front door, in a room of your choice, upstairs, and we can also assemble or install your products. Discover all our services at

We stand for quality, sustainability, innovation, and flexibility. Customer satisfaction and ecological transport are of invaluable importance to us.

VPD is more than just a transport company. We offer the additional service that you and your customer are looking for. For example, you can choose your own delivery moment, and we keep you informed with a live track & trace function. Moreover, we also place your product in a room of your choice or install it on-site.

Not at all. We like to listen to your specific wishes and needs and then try to find a suitable solution together.

We deliver from Monday to Saturday. We are closed only on Sundays and public holidayse deliver from Monday to Saturday. We are closed only on Sundays and public holidays.

Feel free to request a quote or an introductory meeting via Based on your needs, we can look together at what solution is most advantageous for you.


Absolutely. You can have your goods delivered to us, or we can simply come and pick them up from you.

Yes. We can exchange products upon delivery or pick up return items from your customer. Then we return them back to you. Moreover, we are also recognised as a Recupel point, which means we can pick up and store discarded electronic devices in a specially designated container.


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