How can I make an appointment for my delivery?

You can make an appointment for your delivery via the link you received. By clicking on this link you can register your appointment online.

Do you also do transport outside the BENELUX?

At VPD we only focus on transport within the Benelux.

What is the difference between B2B and B2C shipments?

B2B shipments are shipments from the manufacturer to the various stores, branches or end customers (not private individuals). With B2C shipments VPD only takes care of the transport to private customers.

Do you also do parcel transport?

No, at VPD we start where parcel service gives up.

Can I track my delivery/shipment in Real Time?

Yes, you can follow your shipment in real time via the link that was sent to you. As soon as our driver starts his ride, this link will be activated and you will be able to follow it perfectly.

How can I place an order?

There are several ways to place an order; via mail, via an API connection or via an online platform.

Do you also offer CO2 neutral solutions?

At VPD we offer CO2 neutral solutions under the name Urbeez. As a specialist in urban delivery in Brussels and its 19 municipalities, we offer our services to all retail companies. Urbeez is a new way to get goods and parcels to the end customer efficiently and ecologically. Our well-designed e-cargo bikes and other electric vehicles are practical, eye-catching, fast and have a maximum payload, which allows us to guarantee a unique and high quality service. Find out more about this service via

How do you guarantee the quality?

At VPD, we keep our own NPS score and we know our delivery precision based on our detailed IT systems.

Can I store my stock at VPD?

Yes, at VPD we also take care of stock storage and stock management of various goods.

Does VPD also do ADR transport/storage?

No, at VPD we do not do ADR transport/storage. Discover all our services via

What is home delivery?

Home delivery are all the deliveries at home which require an extra little touch (service) such as placing the goods in the right space at the consumer's home.

Does VPD deliver on upper floors?

Yes, you can always count on VPD when it comes to deliveries on upper floors. We deliver via the stairs, via an internal elevator and via an external elevator.

Does VPD do furniture assembly?

At VPD we do small furniture assembly such as mounting the legs on sofas, assembling tables, etc. But we are not responsible for larger assemblies such as kitchen assemblies.

How can I contact VPD for a commercial proposal?

For a commercial proposal, please contact Dirk Van Peteghem or Steven De Bruyn via

How can I get a price offer?

At VPD, we regularly (practically always) work with price quotes that are customized to the client in order to meet all their wishes and needs. Please contact us via for a price offer.

Who can I contact if I have questions about my order/delivery?

For all your questions regarding your order and/or delivery, please contact our customer service via Please be sure to include your order number and contact details so our team can answer your question as soon as possible.