Working at VPD

Our employees are our assets!

We believe it is important to be a warm and inclusive employer. We understand fully that not every employee is at the same stage in their life, and that this means changing needs, and requires flexibility. We have already mentioned how flexibility is important for our customers, and we think it is just as important for our employees. We try to take this into account as much as possible when planning our work.

By emphasizing teamwork, respect and safety, we strive to create a pleasant and stimulating working environment.


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“What I like about VPD is that it's about teamwork and solidarity. The way we work, the professionalism, the know-how in the field of transport and logistics, and above all, the fantastic atmosphere between us and our managers.”

- Makhtar, 4 years active as Teamleader at VPD


Working at VPD means…

A job that you can enjoy every day;

Growing with the company;

An onboarding program from A to Z, so that you can fit in smoothly and get all the information about your new employer and customers;

Broadening your skills and continue to develop your own career ambitions;

Participating in various projects that have real impact;

An attractive salary package.

VPD Academy

VPD Academy

At VPD, we want to be a progressive employer. We give our employees the opportunity to develop, and continue to grow in their field. This is why we have set up VPD Academy, where some of our experienced employees provide training to their colleagues. We share knowledge and new insights based on internal training videos (which we develop ourselves), role plays, current situations, etc. On a regular basis, our employees are given a refresher course, or new operational training that they can apply immediately.

This enables us to always strive for optimal performance in our daily tasks, and to provide our customers with excellent service.

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