Quality and flexibility are indispensable factors in transportation and logistics because they have a direct impact on the satisfaction of our customers, both for our clients and the ultimate recipients of the goods.

From thorough preparation and clear communication beforehand to carefully handling the goods, timely and friendly delivery, and meticulous follow-up afterwards - we aim to make a difference at various moments in the process.

Customer orientation and NPS

As a logistics partner, we have a significant influence on the customer experience, something we at VPD are acutely aware of. So much so that we have made our Net Promoter Score the primary metric. We are incredibly proud of our +80 score.

Before speaking, we prefer to listen first. This way, we immediately know exactly what we need to do to provide the service you envision for your customers. Below, discover some cases related to our services to get a better idea of our range of capabilities.

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Earning a customer anew is a daily endeavor. That's why we strive each day to explore different and better ways to elevate our service to an even higher level.

In an industry that is constantly evolving, we aim to be pioneers and offer innovative sustainable solutions. Whether it's utilizing advanced tracking technologies, developing more efficient route planning systems, or deploying new vehicles, at VPD, we are constantly seeking ways to optimize processes and anticipate new trends.

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