Your partner in transport and logistics

Experience of long standing, seasoned employees and good value for money make VPD your best choice.

  • A fleet of more than 50 distribution vehicles
  • 6 distribution centres situated at strategic junctions
  • Optimal accessibility of the vehicles: mobile telephone and onboard computers with real time track & trace
  • Experienced and trained drivers
  • Smooth accessibility of our distribution employees
  • Tracking and tracing of your shipments via the Internet


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VPD spares no effort to limit the CO2 emissions of its logistics activity. Our fleet consists only of lorries that meet the EURO6 emission standard and will soon include our first vehicles running on CNG and electricity. Our drivers are moreover given specific training and VPD applies an ecological corporate vision.

Working for and with VPD entails strict terms and conditions and compliance with certain standards and values. Child labour, illegal employment and working under poor conditions are systemically barred internally. Corruption and all other forms of abuse are also completely unacceptable for VPD.

VPD strives for:

  • limiting our environmental footprint
  • controlled waste treatment
  • safety on the work floor
  • no discrimination, undesired intimacy or abuse

A brief history of VPD

  • 2017

    New corporate identity

    In 2017, the day-to-day management was assumed by the two business managers: Eric Debraekeleer and Dirk Van Peteghem, with Eric entrusted with financial and commercial aspects, and Dirk with the operational dimension and IT. Together with Benny Rener and Nathalie Debraekeleer they make up the management team of VPD.

    Construction also got under way on a new building in Tubize of 2,500 m² extra space.

    November 2017: The corporate identity and therefore also the logo of VPD, which had already been thoroughly revamped, were now further deployed in the general communication. Some lorries were given a new, striking look, and the website, also got a makeover. We communicate via electronic means with our customers on a regular basis.

    In the future, VPD will focus even more on working conditions and quality, as our people constitute our most important winning asset.

  • 2013

    Quality and training

    VPD focuses on quality and training for its employees more than ever before.

  • 2012

    2-man Delivery

    Start of the 2-man Delivery service for Ikea, among others.

  • 2011

    Large warehousing facilities

    Commissioning of the 12,000 m² warehousing facility in Lembeek.

  • 2002

    New warehouse

    Construction of a new 5,000 m² warehouse in Tubize.

  • 1998

    Third generation takes over the baton

    In 1998, the third generation, Eric Debraekeleer and Dirk Van Peteghem, took over the baton.

  • 1975

    Son and son-in-law take over the company

    In 1975 his son Willy, together with his son-in-law Leopold Debraekeleer took over the reins of the company. In 1982 they purchased an industrial site just over the language border in Tubize.

  • 1946


    In 1946, grandfather Felix Van Peteghem (°1912 - +1996) launched the transport activities. Transport of building materials and coal constituted the core business.