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At VPD, we offer specialised teams of installers and assemblers who are constantly training and improving. With great care and expertise, they install and assemble a wide range of products: household appliances (dishwashers, washing machines, refrigerators, etc.), furniture, outdoor furniture, and even bicycles. This saves a lot of time for end customers and provides an additional service to enhance the experience provided by your brand.


Thanks to the ongoing training of our installers in our own VPD Academy, we can guarantee that they are always up-to-date on the latest techniques, safety standards, and operational processes. This way, we ensure that the installation of your products goes smoothly, to the great satisfaction of your customers.




Samenwerking VPD MediaMarkt



Extra last mile capacity for MediaMarkt

Due to the explosive growth of e-commerce during the covid pandemic, VPD was asked to support MediaMarkt in their home deliveries. We are proud to have been their partner for 3 years now, and an even larger portion of their last mile deliveries has been entrusted to us.

In addition to handling a portion of their e-commerce, we now also oversee home deliveries and installations for all MediaMarkt stores.


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VPD Transport & Logistics

 VPD is a family-owned company with over 35 years of experience;

 VPD has a team of experienced and competent drivers and installers;

 We have our own VPD Academy, where our installers and assemblers are constantly training and improving;

 1 point of contact for customer, retailer or manufacturer;

VPD offers a wide range of transportation, assembly, and installation services;

 We take pride in our excellent customer service and high customer satisfaction, with an NPS score of +80

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