Sustainable deliveries are becoming important for consumers themselves

Sustainable deliveries are also becoming increasingly important for consumers themselves. 61% of the Belgian population prefers an ecologically responsible delivery method for goods they buy online. 70% of them would even be willing to accept longer delivery times if it helps to protect the environment. The rise of deliveries using bicycles or cargo bikes is also welcomed by the respondents.*

This seems logical since road transport is one of the biggest causes of air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions in urban areas. At least a quarter of CO2 emissions in cities are caused by transport activities.

At VPD, we are fully switching to zero-emission deliveries. To make sure we meet everyone's demand, our fleet includes many different types of electric vehicles. We are converting our fleet to zero emission vehicles, and are no longer investing in vehicles with a combustion engine. Already 20% of our fleet will be emission-free in 2022 and we are aiming to 80% by 2025.

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*Figures from the survey conducted by the FPS Mobility and Transport in April 2021.


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