Customer satisfaction anno 2022

The consumer market is evolving constantly, both in the brick & mortar stores and on the web, which means that the shopping behavior of your customers is constantly changing. As a result, shipping needs are also evolving constantly, from central fulfillment to local fulfillment, and vice versa. Both are also used as a flexible solution.

We provide a customer experience that lets your clients know that they are important. We make no compromises on quality and customer satisfaction. We provide quality in everything we do, otherwise we won't do it.

When a customer buys a product in a shop or an online shop, quality of service plays an important role, but it is not the only essential factor. Even more, delivery is experienced as a real decisive element in the customer journey, and ultimately determines whether or not a customer is satisfied with their experience.

At VPD, we are well aware of this, which is why we focus on clear and positive communication. The end customer is kept informed of the delivery time through our track & trace system. Our friendly back office team is available to answer customer calls every day, and to survey customers about their experience after delivery.

Based on these surveys, we can immediately establish action points and identify positive aspects so that we can continue to meet their delivery expectations as efficiently as possible.

Our ultimate goal is to provide the best possible customer experience, so that the end customer opens their parcel with a smile on their face.


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